About Us

Experience Ride like never before. Yolo Cab is completely designed to make your daily commute smarter, safer and happier. The goal of Yolo Cab is to provide appropriate pricing to customers and offers credibility and transparency to the ride-hailing industry. The blockchain-technology of Yolo cab intent of empowering both the drivers and riders. There are no surge prices, no commission fees taken from the drivers, and a true marketplace where the fare is dictated by the community of riders and drivers.

Our business model is built on taking zero commission from drivers. No Commission helps in shifting the focus from the existing commission-based platforms to a new economic model, where 100% of the fare paid by ‘Commuters’ goes directly to the ‘Drivers. Yolo cab is your go-to taxi service of smart cities, focusing on progressive and sustainable tech solutions to deliver the best service, prices, and wages.

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